Simple, enjoyable products that
solve everyday problems

We make innovative consumer products
We disrupt categories
We are innovation-driven & quality focused
We build meaningful brands
We drive sales with omni-channel marketing
We sell in all major retailers

Building, Growing & Accelerating Successful Brands!

Arctic Air®

The powerful, portable, desktop evaporative air-cooler that cools your space quickly and easily.

Battery Daddy®

The compact & portable way to organize, store, and protect 180 batteries!

Handy Heater®

The lightweight, ceramic personal space heater warms your space quickly and easily. 

Beyond Bright®

6000 lumens of incredibly bright, motion-activated light screws right into the light socket! 

Star Belly®

Assorted plush night lights project glowing stars & shapes in multiple colors that turn ordinary rooms into starry night skies.

Magic Tracks®

Amazing light-up race cars with 10-ft of track that bends and glows-in-the-dark that keep the playtime fun going day and night!

Our mission

We believe in the power of great products that make life better and more enjoyable. We start with innovative products that solve everyday problems and transform them into category-leading brands that consumers love.

Our principles


Provides a unique solution to an everyday problem.


Creates the “I Need That!” feeling with customers.

High Quality

Meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Mass Appeal

Solves a problem that most people have.


Easy for everyone to understand & use.


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